TLC Group

Chad Sparrow, his brother Justin Sparrow, Teddy Kim and Larry Walston have been friends for over 20 years. In 2015, the lifelong friends launched Mason Social, a contemporary American restaurant in their hometown of Alexandria. Early on, the group saw the potential of the formerly industrial area in historic Old Town known as Parker-Gray. As the warehouses were converted to luxury condos, the demand for a restaurant grew and TLC Group decided to take a risk on the revitalizing neighborhood. Mason Social was then consciously designed to create a space where the diverse and growing neighborhood could gather, socialize and become one.

In addition to co-founding TLC Group, Chad Sparrow owns a successful construction business with his brother Justin and Larry, Advanced Construction Group. A graduate of culinary school, Sparrow was anxious to get back into the hospitality industry after ten successful years in construction. This vision was bolstered by the addition of Teddy Kim, a Parker-Gray resident with first hand knowledge of the community and its lack of quality dining destinations. For several years the four friends toiled together to make Mason Social a reality.

General Manager

Darrell Bernard